Council to charge for its internet

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CHANGES are being made to the cost of internet access owned by the local authority.

North Tyneside Council will continue to offer the public free use of computers in its libraries – but it is making changes to internet use on its machines in a bid to fund new public computers in libraries.

Customers can access the internet for free for 30 minutes on People’s Network PCs, after which there will be a new charge of £1 per hour.

There will be free access to desktop computing programmes and selected websites.

These sites include those relating to job seeking, health, benefits and finance, in addition to the council’s website and Tyne and Wear Homefinder.

Customers who use the internet frequently for other reasons, such as to access social media websites, are being offered the chance to upgrade their ease EXTRA discount card to the new ease EXTRA Library Premier card.

The card entitles the holder to free unlimited internet access, plus a host of other benefits.

The council said holders of the new card will have unlimited free use of library computers, discounts on DVDs, library events and fax charges and an increased limit on the number of items that can be borrowed.

The cost of a 12 month subscription is £30. A concessionary subscription charge of £24 will apply for those with priority status, including all those aged under 18 and over 60.

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