Council to get rid of trip hazard

SHOPPING trips in Whitley Bay will never be the same again.

A plinth in the town centre has been causing a nuisance to shoppers for years, often tripping up dozens of pedestrians a day.

Now, however, it is to be removed, making a trip to the town centre a less risky proposition.

The plinth is believed to be the base of an old bollard put there in the mid-1990s.

Drinkers at the nearby Bedroom pub have witnessed hundreds of shoppers stumbling over it over the last few years, several of them falling over.

North Tyneside Council is now set to act on complaints it has received and flatten the area of pavement in question.

A council spokesperson said last week: “We are aware of some local concerns about this plinth, and as it is no longer needed for its original purpose, we plan to remove it within two weeks.”

The area of paving in question is not adopted highway, but the council has entered into an agreement to maintain it.