Councillor denies making Nazi salute during meeting

North Tyneside Council's Quadrant headquarters.
North Tyneside Council's Quadrant headquarters.

A councillor has denied making a Nazi salute after being forced to leave a heated council meeting.

Liberal Democrat councillor David Ord became frustrated during a debate on raising councillor allowances at North Tyneside Council.

After becoming increasingly irate during the debate in the council chamber last Thursday, he was ordered to leave by council chairman Coun Tommy Mulvenna.

But as he stood up, Coun Ord appeared to raise his right arm in what appeared to be a Nazi salute before leaving the room.

Speaking to the News Guardian after the meeting, Coun Ord refuted the allegations and said he had given the Bellamy salute – a salute to the American flag.

He said: “It’s a complete fabrication. My arm was only slightly up.

“It was the Bellamy salute. That is the traditional America salute to the flag.

“What I was intending to do was draw attention to the American senate of how they agree items without debate.

“Council should never have agreed to the pay rise.”

However, councillors who were at the meeting have raised the issue with the standards committee calling for a full investigation into the gesture.

A council spokesperson said: “North Tyneside Council has clear standards that all councillors are expected to follow, including in the Council Chamber.

“Unfortunately, an incident in the Chamber this evening, when a gesture was made by a councillor, has resulted in a complaint being lodged with the Standards Committee. This will be progressed through the formal investigation process.

“We would like to apologise to members of the public for any upset which may have been caused.”