Cow is shot and killed by police near Coast Road

An escaped cow was shot by armed police after a massive operation.

Armed officers, police and a helicopter were all called out after three cows escaped from a field near the Rising Sun Country Park in Wallsend.

Concerns had grown that the animals could have caused serious injury to pedestrians or motorists as they appeared to be heading to the Coast Road at around 2.25pm on Sunday, May 17.

One cow was found on a field near the Coast Road and was shot and killed by police marksmen. The others were recovered by their owners.

A police spokesperson said: “Police attended the scene to locate the cows which had escaped from the nearby Rising Sun Country Park.

“One cow was located on a field near the Coast Road. The Coast Road was closed in both directions to allow attempts to be made to recover the cow.

“However, the cow was in a highly distressed state and considered to be a significant risk to members of the public and motorists.

“The decision was made for the animal to be destroyed by firearms officers at the scene.”