Early morning wake-up call for problem tenants

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TROUBLEMAKERS in Wallsend were given an early morning wake-up call Wednesday by police and council officers.

At around 7am, 21 households in Wallsend, Howdon and Battle Hill were being given last chance warnings or told eviction proceedings had been started by North Tyneside Council’s safer estates team and Northumbria Police.

The door knocks came after the householders were found to be responsible for offences including affray, drunk and disorderly, theft, criminal damage, breach of the peace and intimidation.

Ten people are council tenants, seven live in private rented accommodation and four are homeowners.

Three council tenants received notices of seeking possession while others in local authority properties were warned that their tenancies will be at risk if further complaints are received.

A notice of possession was served on behalf of a private landlord and homeowners received legal action notices warning that the council will seek an injunction if further complaints are received about them.

Ten of those visited were also called to sign Acceptable Behaviour Agreements (ABAs).

All were warned that the council will seek Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions (ASBIs) that could exclude them from entering housing areas if they were involved in further crime or anti-social behaviour.

The homes visited were in Hugh Street, Philliphaugh, Prospect Avenue, Norfolk Gardens, St Oswalds Road, Mitford Gardens, Octavia Court, Firtrees Avenue, Blackhill Avenue, Bray Close, Elliott Gardens, George Street, Kent Avenue, Burn Closes Crescent, and Coast Road.

Safer estates team manager Colin Boxshall said: “We won’t hesitate to take action against those who make life a misery for others.

“These joint operations with the police are making a big difference within communities and increasing residents’ confidence in our ability to tackle the minority causing problems.

“People who continue to engage in anti-social behaviour after receiving a warning risk losing their homes.

“As a signatory to ‘Respect – ASB Charter for Housing’, we are making a public commitment to providing a high quality service and are accountable to residents for its delivery.”

Police community support officers alongside the council team delivered letters to neighbouring residents advising them of the joint action and encouraging them to report any further anti-social behaviour they witness.

Inspector Kevin Benson, of Wallsend neighbourhood policing team, said: “We take a firm approach to deal with reports of nuisance neighbours to make sure the law abiding majority of people feel safe in their communities.

“We believe that residents deserve to live their lives peacefully and we will do all we can to make sure this happens.

“We work closely with our partners at North Tyneside Council’s safer estates team to deliver an effective and timely response to these issues.

“We want to remind people to continue to report any neighbourhood problems so we can continue to take appropriate action.”

Anyone with concerns about crime or disorder where they live should contact their neighbourhood policing team on 101 ext 69191.