Elderly man conned out of £400 on telephone

AN elderly man was conned out of £400 after being told over the phone he had won £5,000.

On Monday the 83-year-old received a call saying he had won thousands but he had to send cash to an address in India before he could claim his prize.

He parted with £400 before calling the police.

Two other men have reported to police in North Shields that they too had been called at home and given the same story.

Neither made any payments and contacted the police straightaway.

Police are now warning residents the con is being carried out in the borough.

Detective Inspector Neil Brotherton said: “We want to make people aware that this telephone scam is operating in North Tyneside.

“We want to advise people if they receive a telephone call saying they have ‘won’ cash which will only be sent to them if they first send over cash that this is a scam and they should simply end the call and report it to police.

“I would also ask people with older relatives or neighbours to be aware of this and to remind them of this advice.

“Always remember if the story seems too good to be true, then it usually is.”

Police are continuing to investigate the offence, and anyone with information about this or any other crime should contact their local police on 03456 043043 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

For up to date advice, members of the public can contact Action Fraud – the UK’s national, government led, fraud reporting centre which offers advice, support and prevention advice on fraud including fraud types, trends and current national scams at www.actionfraud.co.uk or alternatively via Northumbria Police website.