Kits to deter thieves


CRIME prevention kits are being handed out to residents to help them keep their property safe from burglars.

Northumbria Police is working with the North Tyneside Safer Partnership which has provided free Smart Water kits to Neighbourhood Watch Scheme members and to older residents through the charity Age UK.

Each Smart Water kit has a unique DNA and can be easily applied to valuable property ranging from televisions, jewellery, bicycles and lawn-mowers, enabling them to be traced back to their owners should they be stolen.

Residents who mark their property will be given window stickers to show they have used the product.

Crime prevention officer Sarah Dodds said: “We have been assessing the viability of Smart Water for some time and believe it could add another dimension to preventing and detecting crime in the borough.

“The liquid once applied is invisible to the naked eye and lasts many years.

“We feel that by marking their property and checking their home security, residents will help to keep their valuable items safe and make themselves less likely to suffer a burglary.”

Officers are now checking all suspected stolen property recovered in North Tyneside to see if has been marked with Smart Water.

Inspector Tony Blacklock said: “Our officers will be carrying special equipment in order to detect DNA liquid and with forensic analysis we can readily identify who is the true owner of the property.

“Household goods such as electrical items, jewellery, purses and personal property can all be protected as well as larger items such as bicycles and even lead flashing from roofs can be protectively marked this way.

“We believe this crime prevention activity will help to deter burglars and make residents feel safer too.”

Officers and Age UK will be contacting individuals they feel will benefit from the scheme over the coming weeks.