Pedestrians hit with eggs thrown from car

THREE people have been hit with an egg thrown from a car as they’ve walked in North Tyneside.

A 15-year-old boy had an egg thrown at him from a small black car as he was walking along Tynemouth Road in Tynemouth at around 4.40pm on Monday, September 26.

On the same day, a 48-year-old woman was walking in Front Street, Monkseaton, at 11.55pm, when an egg was thrown from a small black car, hitting her on the head and giving her a black eye.

Police received another report on Monday, October 3, at shortly after 2pm, of a 24 year-old woman walking down Whitley Road, Whitley Bay, when an egg was thrown at her from a small car, missing her.

Anyone with information about the offences is asked to contact police on 03456 043 043, ext. 69191.