Thief steals sentimental items and medication from leukaemia sufferer

An opportunist thief robbed a great grandmother of her handbag while she was doing chores inside her own home.

The 77-year-old had the doors open in the hot weather while she cleaned her property in Grange Close in Wallsend.

But someone snuck in on Friday morning and stole her bag, which not only had more than more than £200 cash and cards in, but sentimental items and medication for the leukaemia she was diagnosed with 13 years ago.

Now the victim is warning people to be vigilant so the same thing does not happen to them.

She said: “It shook the life out of me, I was broken hearted.

“As well as the money that was taken, the bag had sentimental things in, verses that meant something to me and a Maltese cross that my late husband George used to wear, which I carried in my purse all the time.”

The stolen black Osprey bag contained emergency contact details of her family and doctors in case she took ill, as well as prescription drugs and heart spray which she used.

The bag is described as a black, over the body bag with a zip on the front and is about seven inches wide, and it had an Osprey black purse inside also.

The woman, who is a grandmother of four, and a great-grandmother to one youngster, said she had been washing her floors and cleaning the window sills of her home on the Friday morning when someone came in to her property.

She added: “I only ever keep my bag in two places, so when I realised it wasn’t there, I knew someone had been in and taken it.

“I’d had both doors open when I was cleaning and that will be how they got in.

“The value of the purse and the bag will mean nothing to them, they will want the money and to sell the medication.”

Police said they are appealing for information after the sneak-in burglary.

A spokesperson said: “Between 10am and 10.35am on Friday, July 19, thieves got into an address in Grange Close and stole a handbag containing a purse and an amount of cash.

“Enquiries into the burglary are ongoing and anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 ext 69191.”