A cross country cycle in memory of Scott

To mark one year since the death of a man who grew up in Whitley Bay, five of his friends geared up for a fund-raising bike ride.

Friday, 5th July 2019, 10:00 am
The police officers who successfully did a two-day cycle ride from Gretna Green to Whitley Bay at the finish.

Scott Marshall Durber was a serving police officer when he died from lung cancer in June 2018.

Officers from the same West Midlands force he was on recently did a two-day cycle from Gretna Green, where he got married, to Whitley Bay – a distance of 103 miles.

Scott Marshall Durber.

They have raised about £1,500 so far for the Mary Stevens Hospice in Stourbridge that provided care and support for the 49-year-old and his loved ones.

Scott, who was born in August 1968, spent his formative years living the town end of Esplanade and went to Rockcliffe School before moving to the Midlands.

A statement on behalf of the family said: “He always had a sense of belonging to Whitley Bay and returned there often.

“St Mary's Island Lighthouse was a special favourite place.

“He grew into a good and much-loved family man.

“All our family respect and thank everyone for the legacy and continued remembrance of Scott.

“His police friends and colleagues who cycled from Gretna Green to St Mary's loyally gave their all in Scott's name and for the hospice cause. 

“Massive praise as well goes to his best friend Matthew Homer, who cycled from the Midlands to the Welsh coast for the same hospice in the same week.

“Lucy Noble and Brendan Ryan had also cycled from Brampton to Whitley Bay in loving memory.”

The officers doing the two-day cycle ride were Dan, Darren, Dean, Paul and Webby.

Dean said they received ‘fantastic hospitality’ from the Noble family, who include Scott’s aunt and uncle, once they had reached Whitley Bay.

He added: “Scott was a great guy and loved his family, his hometown, his job and cycling.

“We wanted to say thank you to the Mary Stevens Hospice for all that they did for him and others and we chose a route that would have meaning to the family. 

“It all went very well – we had good weather and there was not a single issue with any of the bikes.”

You can still donate online. Go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wmp999