Cult head up triple bill out of the top drawer

LEFT TO RIGHT:  Billy Duffy, Chris Wyse, Ian Astbury, John Tempesta
LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Duffy, Chris Wyse, Ian Astbury, John Tempesta

THERE is a saying that good things come in threes, but it’s not one much favoured by anyone unfortunate enough to have seen the 1980s TV series Three of a Kind.

Starring Lenny Henry, Tracy Ullman and someone else long since forgotten, it was anything but a good thing.

One bad apple doesn’t necessarily spoil a whole barrelful of fruit, however, and proof that good things really can come in threes is on offer at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena on Tuesday, September 11.

The Cult are returning to the north east to headline a triple bill also featuring the Mission and Killing Joke.

“This is a fantastic bill, and these will be magical shows, a unique occasion that we look forward to with great anticipation,” said Cult frontman Ian Astbury.

“The band are killing it right now, and we are excited to get back to the business of playing live.”

The show is one of five UK dates the band are playing to promote their latest album, out this month.

Their first studio album in five years, Choice of Weapon is a worthy addition to its eight predecessors.

Produced, to good effect, by Chris Goss and Bob Rock, its ten tracks explore themes that will be familar to Cult fans, but there’s no question of familiarity breeding contempt here as, slightly iffy opening track Honey From a Knife aside, it’s all good stuff. There are at least a couple of tracks that wouldn’t be out of place on any new best-of album either, For the Animals and Wilderness Now, for starters.

Plenty of nostalgia will be on offer too as the Cult have been around, on and off, since being formed in Bradford in 1983, and the hits of their heyday will have been part of the soundtrack to most fortysomethings’ lives and will probably be well known to successive generations of rock fans too.

Foremost among those hits are 1985’s She Sells Sanctuary and Rain, 1987’s Lil’ Devil and Wild Flower and 1989’s Fire Woman and Edie (Ciao Baby).

Astbury is joined, as ever, by fellow founder member Billy Duffy on guitar for their upcoming tour, along with two more recent recruits, drummer John Tempesta and bassist Chris Wyse.

Tickets, priced £35, are available at