Current location is best for the station

The letter by Labour councillor Sandra Graham, (News Guardian, March 13), had a very interesting defence of the former Labour minister and now Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Vera Baird’s decision to close our police station.

“ relocate the Whitley Bay station and the new base will be in the heart of the community, it will be more accessible and fit for purpose”.

There is the very tricky matter that the PCC was herself part of the last Labour government that left the UK in a terrible financial predicament, forcing the incoming coalition government to pick up the mess.

For the commissioner to then ‘point the finger’ at the coalition struggling to cope with the mess is breathtaking.

But I wish to be helpful and constructive, and concentrate of the plight of the police station in Whitley Bay, and I believe that I have found the perfect site that places it in the heart of the community.

Admittedly the building will have to be upgraded to be made ‘fit for purpose’ but it does have space for parking. The current occupiers, to the best of my knowledge, would be co-operative in this matter.

It is located in Laburnum Avenue and is under the ownership of Northumbria Police.

S Ratcliffe