Cutting pensioners’ subsidy on coach will hit vulnerable

DO Vince Cable or David Cameron’s older relatives travel by coach?

I doubt very much if any of the 23 of the government cabinet who are millionaires, or four of the government who pay no UK tax, have ever travelled by coach in the UK.

Well plenty of disabled and retired pensioners do use coaches.

Until now the government subsidised this group’s fares.

That’s because many of these British pensioners cannot afford the much quicker and often more convenient opportunity to travel by train and out of necessity go by coach, at about half the standard fare.

This government, as with governments before it, has exploited the summer period, to announce the withdrawal of the subsidy for the hardest up section of the community.

Talk of equality and the big society is all hype as the corporations and banks are lobbying government to leave them be whilst making the most vulnerable pay.

This is happening in one of the richest countries but the most unequal, as posed in the book Spirit Level, which exposes UK society as a place where the richest ten per cent are 100 times richer than the poorest ten per cent.

To keep mentally and physically healthy the Spirit Level says, and we all know it, that keeping contact with family and friends is vital.

This is a sly, mean-minded attack on yet another vulnerable group, by taking the subsidy away from pensioners and the disabled to travel on coaches in order to pay the debt left by the wealthy playing the ‘casino economy’.

Beware, the pensioners’ free bus pass is next on their list. Please write to your MP.


Chairwoman Public Transport Users Group