CYCLE LANES: What is the point?

Well, here we are, almost a year to the anniversary of the installation of the controversial cycles lanes on the Broadway in Tynemouth.

Thursday, 26th January 2017, 5:38 am

I recall reading with some interest the arguments of those greatly in favour of the lanes, opposed to some of the local residents.

At the time I accepted the validity of both sides of the debate.

As an avid cyclist myself, I recently cycled through the green path route – on the road, but not on the green cycle path – north-west bound towards Whitley Bay.

By the Garmin GPS device on my bike, the green lane measured 0.2 miles.

This prompted the question ‘just what was the point of all this?’

Over the past year I have seen very few cyclists use the green lanes.

The main gripe I have is that the green lane abruptly ends just before the approach to the roundabout adjacent to Sainsbury’s.

What are cyclists supposed to do then? Ah, that’s right, use the pavement or road.

So what is my conclusion?

It is that the green cycle lanes at 0.2 miles are tokenistic, an insult to cyclists and an inconvenience to the local residents.

Paul Richardson

Whitley Bay