CYCLE TRACK: This misuse can be very distressing

The cycle tracks along Broadway have been completed.

Saturday, 26th March 2016, 6:00 am

From my first floor window I have a bird’s eye view of the same.

Two weeks in, I have noted pedestrians walking on the track, cyclists continuing to ride on the pavement, cyclists using the road in preference to the cycle track, pram pushers and dog walkers using it in preference to the adjacent footpath, and a toddler cycling on the track (against the traffic), who fell dangerously close to the kerb and oncoming traffic.

I have also noted the track being used as standage for bins, a plethora of vans and cars parked with nearside wheels on the cycle track and thus obstructing it, and vehicles being driven across badly restored land and churning it up, viz at the junction of Milldene Avenue and Broadway.

And this is all very distressing for the residents in Broadway.

If the council could see its way to sanction a few rolls of turf it would be a positive gesture.

Isabel Johnson