CYCLING: More dividing lines would be helpful

In the First World War article (News Guardian, January 21), Tommy McClements refers to the motorcycle famously ridden by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape as “a solid bike of German engineering”.

It was, in fact, a British Triumph 650cc TT Special and was used because the German BMW of the period was of rigid frame construction and would not stand up to the gruelling bike scenes.

Continuing on the bike theme, as a cyclist, is it not possible for white dividing lines to be laid out along all the cycle/pedestrian lanes along the river Tyne and the seafront, from Tynemouth onwards?

The dividing lines are in existence from Dock Road and around the Marina to Royal Quays.

Also, a speed limit for cyclists would a good idea as some fairly shoot along, without belling either.

Terry White

North Shields