Cyclists urged to be aware of pedestrians

Police have received a number of complaints about cyclists riding on pavements in Killingworth.

Officers are now urging cyclsist to be more aware of pedestrian safety when out on their bikes.

Inspector John Smith, of the Killingworth neighbourhood policing team, said: “Officers want to promote road safety across North Tyneside and this means making sure that cyclists ride safely and don’t become a danger to themselves or others.

“Police will offer advice to cyclists and educate people about cycling proficiency and safety.

“However, anyone seen to be causing a nuisance on their bikes will be spoken to by police.

“Cyclists could face a £30 fixed penalty notice if caught riding on the pavements so take this as a warning.

“We want our cyclists and pedestrians to stay safe and by following some basic advice, people can avoid injuries.”

Police are advising cyclists to think about the safety of pedestrians.

They are also urging them to fit and use good lights on their bike; wear reflective clothing and a cycle helmet; use cycle lanes where possible and use the Highway Code.