DEAFNESS: A lack of thought

I'm very disappointed that when reading the letters page, or any other News Guardian column over the years, there is no mention of deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) people when pedestrian and cycle paths are combined.

Saturday, 6th October 2018, 6:32 am

A recent letter stated that cyclists should ring their bell to warn pedestrians that they are approaching (News Guardian, September 20).

How does a deaf or HOH person hear the bell?

Being deaf, my balance is not very good and many a time I’ve nearly fallen over as a cyclist whizzed past me.

Also, there is never any mention of deaf and HOH people when people are talking about niqabs or burqas.

A deaf or HOH person needs to see facial expressions. How can they see them if someone has their face covered?

Helen G Howie

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