Decision a return to ‘bad old days’

May I be permitted to add my voice to those of your correspondents (News Guardian, August 21), in questioning the reasons for the decisions by North Tyneside Council to close down and demolish the excellent and long established Boardwalk Café.

Their letters completely demolish the council’s reasons for taking this decision, which appears to defy all logic.

This looks like a re-run of those bad old days when the council applied ‘Wallsend’, or maybe that should now be the ‘Cobalt Park’ view towards Whitley Bay when planners drew up schemes for ‘improvement’ while real people had to live in their impractical utopian visions.

For some years, Whitley Bay has been blighted by dilapidated and derelict eyesores that the council could have compulsory purchased but did not, particularly along the seafront.

Yet now, with some unseemly haste, it seems to seek those powers to remove a well used and thriving business that has brought pleasure to many.

When so much else needs still to be done to try and return Whitley Bay to its former glory, this decision to close an excellent facility sounds barmy.

The last few years has seen North Tyneside Council do so much to shed its old image and made some sensible decisions to try and get Whitley Bay and the coastal region in general back to some semblance of respectability.

I fear this decision returns us to those bad old days, so I hope the powers that be will reconsider their decision.

Allan Pond

Whitley Bay