Decision to reject homes plan was the correct one

I APPLAUD the decision by North Tyneside Council planning committee to reject Bellway’s planning application to build 366 homes on land at White House Farm, West Moor.

I was at the meeting for only an hour but several colleagues from North Tyneside Friends of the Earth were there for the full three-and-a-half hours, and were jubilant at the decision.

We have been warned that Bellway will appeal, but I can assure the company and objectors that we will not back down in our opposition to this development plan.

The planning committee has shown some maturity in its decision, and I hope Bellway will show the same maturity by not appealing against a plan that has provoked such opposition.

Builders must realise that developments on greenfield sites will no longer be tolerated.

They must look to brownfield sites, of which we have plenty, if they want to build new houses.

As it is, we have hundreds of houses standing empty in Whitley Bay, and I hope the council will look at ways of getting these houses filled before new building is considered.

Otherwise, the whole of North Tyneside will become an urban sprawl with little room for any wildlife.



North Tyneside Friends of the Earth