DECLINE: Coast walk shows ‘it’s grim up north’

Walking down to the Whitley Bay coast following a short trip to Devon and Cornwall provided my wife and I with an opportunity to compare different coastal resorts.

To say that Whitley Bay was anything less than depressingly unkempt would be too generous.

The view of the northern promenade suggests years of neglect, weeds growing over three foot tall along the grassy banks.

Walking areas are riddled with tripping hazards, with the steps leading into the Panama Dip appearing to be in a state of disrepair.

The wooden hut replacing the demolished, Boardwalk café is positioned on uneven pavement, resembling the poorest of DIY jobs, and is surrounded by a multitude of different surfaces, all having suffered from years of decline, resulting in even more trip hazards.

Waste bins were overflowing with litter, with the overspill blowing in the breeze.

More weeds were growing between the cracks along the recently completed Plaza.

Walking along the upper promenade, we saw large planters completely devoid of plants, but overgrown with weeds.

Temporary fencing to restrict access to a shelter near Browns Bay serves only to suggest no intention to conduct any repairs.

Every section of beach-side grassed area all along the coast to Cullercoats has weeds growing higher than the corroded, unsightly railings.

North Tyneside Council’s maintenance of the coastline gives credibility to the term ‘it’s grim up north’, and every local councillor, of each and every political party having presided over this decline, should hang their heads in shame.

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