DECLINE: Town is suffering from lack of ideas

The elected mayor's assertion that the building of a Premier Inn hotel in Whitley Bay will attract visitors to the town is not only fatuous, but also illustrates the complete lack of ideas on how to bring visitors and revenue to the town.

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 10:55 am

Last year, Weston-super-Mare allowed ‘Banksy’ to construct an exhibition entitled ‘Dismaland’. It proved to be an outstanding revenue earner for the town. Whitley Bay would be an even more suitable location for a repeat show.

Whilst the exhibition was held at one site in Weston, here we could centre it on the Spanish City site, but with various suitable satellite sites throughout the town. We certainly have enough of them.

One of the displays could include a gallery of all the councillors who have presided over the gradual decline of the town since local government reorganisation in 1974.

This is in complete contrast to the actions of the councillors on South Tyneside, who have done a superb job for their citizens in South Shields.

Trevor Davis