Delight as primary school opens new nursery

A popular North Shields school is expanding its offering for children and families.

Preston Grange Primary School has officially opened its new nursery.

Staff and children at Preston Grange Primary School's new nursery.

Staff and children at Preston Grange Primary School's new nursery.

The governing body at the school had put in motion plans for the new feature, which opened at the start of the new school year last month.

Chair of Governors, Jackie Leadbitter said: "This is an extremely exciting time for the school and the local community and the school warmly welcomes the Nursery children and parents into the Preston Grange family."

Bev Joslyn said: "As a parent governor of Preston Grange Primary School it has been wonderful to see the school grow from strength to strength over the years. Through the dedication, hard work and determination of headteacher Tracey Taylor, the Governors and her team, we now have our long awaited Nursery, a huge benefit to Preston Grange and its community.

"The Nursery is a vital part in the education ladder of the school, ensuring we prepare our children for the best possible start in their lives."

And it has already received warm reviews from parents.

Kerry Cummings said: "As a parent I am delighted Frankie has been part of the first intake into the brand new nursery; the classroom, toys, equipment and outdoor area are great.

"It is such a pleasure to listen to Frankie talk about new things he is learning and friends he is making. He is thoroughly enjoying it and progressing already.

"All of the children have settled so quickly and I think a big thank you and well done is owed to Mrs Taylor, Mrs Dyke and Miss Beavers and everyone else involved in working so hard to get the nursery up and running. It is such a positive step for our children's education within the local community."

The nursery at Preston Grange Primary School currently offers morning sessions only, however Schools Out at Preston Grange offer an afternoon wraparound session for children attending the nursery if parents require this.

Anyone interested should contact the school office for more information.