Delighted to see bus service reinstated

We would like to thank residents of Marden estate in North Shields who contacted Cullercoats ward councillors when they became aware that the existing bus service was to be withdrawn, leaving them with no lifeline to the local hospital or shops.

After holding meetings, the ward councillors contacted Nexus to express the concerns of local residents of the estate.

We were delighted that Nexus brought forward and discussed options as to how the bus service could be reinstated, which we were able to put forward to our residents.

The Cullercoats ward councillors were pleased to deliver the surveys and were delighted at the high percentage of completed returns.

This action has enabled ward councillors and residents to work together and achieve a successful result in the commencement of service 359 on March 24 to Rake Lane.

We would like to thank Nexus, especially Jim Grady, for working with residents and ward councillors to achieve this successful outcome.

Well done to everyone concerned.

Coun Ken Barrie

Cullercoats Ward