Demolishing cafe is not a good move

I read with some amazement at the proposal to knock down a perfectly good building, housing a private business and something which has been on the Whitley Bay seafront at Watts Slope for many decades.

The building could be greatly enhanced and be a ‘gateway’ and welcoming cafe for the proposed new development promised by North Tyneside Council.

The existing cafe could be the backdrop to a veranda style extension looking out to sea.

As the writer of a letter (News Guardian, August 14) stated, you can sit there and on a good day, imagine you are on the Algarve, as there are so many of this type of beach bar out there.

A modern kiosk may not be open in the winter at weekends as the present cafe is and a safe haven on a cold day to enjoy a hot drink.

It is quite a walk to the next cafe, the famous Rendezvous, but locals and visitors do this walk because of the two traditional refreshment stops.

I cannot understand how taking this building away will improve the view of the St Mary’s.

Again North Tyneside Council is proposing to demolish a landmark, remember the old Post Office, they did not listen to the public on that either.

There are more pressing problems the council need to address on the promenade.

They need to first demolish the ‘eyesore’ buildings that have been bought, this is a first priority for them and again it has been some time since these buildings have been displaying signs ‘due for demolition’, so just get on with it.

The water fountain on the promenade, which was placed there in commemoration of George VI’s coronation, needs some TLC and kept free of weeds and a statement made of it.

The noticeboards on the promenade need updating, there is a leaflet for March 2014 in the one adjacent to the skateboard park, and so much is going on in the area at present.

The Whitley Bay Film Festival, a triathlon and events on the new piazza, they all need advertising, and the boards are there supposedly to do this.

St Mary’s tide tables need to be renewed on a regular basis as the sun does fade them.

Come on North Tyneside Council, attend to these important everyday matters before just deciding to demolished a well-loved cafe.

It is good news that negotiations are ongoing and that the Dome site planning is coming together.

We have heard a lot of this in 2014 but now residents and visitors really need action, seeing workman down on the site and getting on with the job.

The promenade area needs to be kept clean and tidy and maybe some remedial paving and stone work being carried out, and also the removal of the beach hut next to the Rendezvous cafe, which seems to be serving no purpose at all.

If beach huts are not to be put up now, then the raised area needs to be utilised and tidied up as well.

There must be many unemployed, community service and apprentices who could be supervised by the council, to weed the promenade after the banks have now been cut back.

The grass has just been left, there is a further area to cut and hope this happens soon but the area needs to be tidied up and feel there are people out there that would enjoy giving something to their community and gaining something back by being part of a ‘big tidy-up’ of this much loved and used Whitley Bay promenade.

Heather Carr

Whitley Bay