Demolition of seafront cafe moves step closer

Controversial plans to demolish a seafront cafe have moved a step closer.

Residents and visitors have criticised North Tyneside Council’s plans to tear down the Boardwalk Cafe, on Watts Slope, as part of regeneration plans for Whitley Bay seafront.

Now some opponents have reacted angrily after notices were put up at the cafe saying that demolition is intended.

Opponents say the cafe is not blocking any views and is a good place to stop, especially during the winter when it will be warmer than the council’s proposed kiosk on the site.

The statutory notices allow the council to agree details of how the demolition will be carried out and how the site will be restored.

A council spokesperson said: “We have set out our intention to bring forward ambitious plans for the next stage of development at Whitley Bay seafront.

“These improvements necessitate removing the Boardwalk Café to allow the entrance to the Northern Promenade to be widened.

“Unfortunately, it has been demonstrated that a café of this type in this particular area isn’t commercially viable.

“In addition, historically, the cafés on this site in the past have been single storey buildings but this poorly designed 1970s building added a second storey, which spoils the magnificent views along the coast and restricts access to the Northern Promenade.

“We know that many residents and visitors will be sad to see the café go, however our decision is based on our desire to deliver the essential improvements residents and visitors have told us are needed to make sure Whitley Bay seafront is an attractive and appealing destination.

“We will be providing a new kiosk to provide beach refreshments and the nearby Rendezvous Café and ‘Rainbow Corner’ businesses will continue to provide sit-in facilities for visitors.

“A draft master plan for the proposed improvements is currently being prepared that will be shared with the community later this year, however, the demolition of the Boardwalk is considered an essential part of delivering the improvements we have been told are needed.

“When our work is complete, Whitley Bay will have a seafront to be proud of. As well as the stunning coastline and views it will have exceptional facilities that will attract more business, more investment and more visitors to North Tyneside.”