Demolition would be act of vandalism

Whitley Bay is not a holiday resort. It used to be, until the 1939-45 war, and in the late 1940s and the ‘50s and ‘60s. But no more.

It is a small town by the sea where people live and work in the area.

It is a dormitory town, blessed with a splendid seafront.

A nice place to live – or it should be.

That is why the authorities should be focusing on the needs of the citizens rather than demolishing perfectly fine and loved buildings like The Boardwalk Cafe.

Better to pay attention to some real eyesores, and the town centre is a mess.

The footpaths are terrible. I would hate to be blind in this town. Walking is a constant hazard wherever I go, from Whitley Lodge to the border with Cullercoats.

The paving slabs are cracked, broken and uneven to up about an inch high in places.

I have tripped often and fallen once, succeeding in ventilating one leg of a pair of trousers and my knee.

A friend of mine did the same and had to go to hospital for attention to a nasty gash in his arm.

Perhaps the run down state is deliberate? Walking safely makes it necessary to look down constantly, thereby avoiding seeing the derelict buildings and shabby surroundings.

The Boardwalk Café is not shabby. Destroying that would be an act of vandalism when there are so many opportunities to really enhance the town, without prejudicing ‘... the view to the lighthouse’. How pathetic.

Maurice Hardaker

Whitley Bay