Denials not supported by council records

THE denials by the Holystone Action Group (HAG) that their petition puts the green belt land between Murton, West Monkseaton and Earsdon at risk to building development (News Guardian, letters, February 8), is not supported by the council’s own records on this matter.

HAG has formally proposed that the land from Murton through to Earsdon be included in the proposals for the ‘Core Strategy’ (the master plan for land use in North Tyneside for the next ten years) and that the land be made available for housing development.

I have given copies of correspondence to the newspaper and I am happy to provide the same to anyone who contacts me.

HAG’s petition, which Labour councillors recently supported using their majority in the council chamber, would remove protection from development, from the greenfield sites proposed by mayor Linda Arkley in the Earsdon, Murton, Rake Lane, West Monkseaton areas.

HAG also states not to be aligned with any political party, although a former chairman of HAG was elected as a Labour councillor last May, residents may make their own judgement.


Conservative Group Leader