Details of missing war tribute wanted

INFORMATION is being sought on a missing tribute to the men of the borough who earned distinctions for valour and exemplary conduct during the First World War.

The montage of cameo photographs of men who had gained recognition for their actions and the award of medals and honours was exhibited in an upstairs room at the Turks Head Hotel in Tynemouth as late as the 1960s.

One resident recalls seeing the tribute in a room where he would go to make payment of his father’s union subs to the Joiner’s Society.

His father was employed in Smith’s Docks, a major employer in the borough and at that time part of the largest ship repairing facility in the world.

Chris Lambert, of Marden Estate, highlighted the missing exhibit to the Tynemouth World War 1 Commemoration Project team. He said he remembers on seeing the tribute, asking about the people featured and was told it contained the details of every man from Tynemouth who had been decorated in the war.

It had only recently been found in the cellar of the pub and brought out to be displayed in the room where he saw it.

Project co-ordinator Alan Fidler said: “If anyone has any knowledge of the pictures and what became of the montage we would be grateful if they would contact the project at any of the contact addresses shown in the weekly column of casualties featured in the News Guardian.

“We are also seeking information about two men who we believe were brothers but whose entry in the Roll of Honour shows one as ‘William Trayhurn Dee’, although he is shown as living at 15 Drummond Terrace, the address given for a

W Richard Trayhurn, son of George and Mary Ann Trayhurn.

“We believe the first entry in the Roll of Honour is incorrect but would like any information from living relatives or anyone else with knowledge of the family who seem to have suffered the loss of two sons in the space of only six months.

“The entry for Dee, William Trayhurn in the Roll of Honour states that he was wounded and missing whilst serving in the Machine Gun Corps.

“W Richard Trayhurn, possibly his brother, was a former pupil of Tynemouth High School who enlisted in 1915 and was killed in October 1917.”

The next public meeting of the Tynemouth World War 1 Commemoration Project will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, May 17, in the Linskill Centre, North Shields, when the project group will report progress and the programme for the future.

Anyone interested in participating in the project, which will commemorate the anniversary of the First World War, or who wishes to find out more, is welcome to attend.

THIS list is drawn from the men of the borough who were killed or died in the month of May, 1915-1918.

Armstrong, Joseph W, 5th/6th Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), DOW, 23rd, 1917.

Bristow, Thomas, 14th DLI, KIA, France 10th, 1917.

Chambers, Arthur, Oswin, Pte 1st NF, KIA, 7th, 1916,

Chambers, Joseph, NF, killed, 8th, 1915, 2 Lawson Street.

Chater, Joseph, Pte 2nd Bn NF, KIA, 8th, 1915, 2 Lawson Street.

Gibbons, M, age 26, Pte, Royal Marine Light Infantry, killed, Dardanelles, 8th, 1915, buried – Alexandria, Egypt, 87 Little Bedford Street.

Heslop, Robert, Pte 1st/5th NF, KIA, 3rd, 1915.

Huldie, George Henry, age 20, 22nd Bn DLI, DOW, 5th, 1917, South Bank, formerly of North Shields.

Kenny, James W, age 30, Sgt Seaforth Highlanders, KIA, 7th, 1917, 25 Linskill Street, husband of Mary Alexander Kerrigan.

John Lewis, age 29, Pte 1st Bn. King’s Own Yorks LI, KIA, 8th, 1915, 84 Little Bedford Street, son of John Thomas.

Kitwood, John, Tyneside Scottish NF, KIA, 4th, 1917, 8 Bedford Lane.

Main, Percy, age 20, AB Merchant Marine Reserve, LAS – on active service, 8th, 1917, HM Yacht Zarefah, 58 Bedford Street, son of Alex and Lina Maude.

Marshall, Edward, age 38, Pte 2nd Bn NF, KIA, 8th, 1915, 6 Brown’s Buildings, Cullercoats, son of late Robert and Margaret, husband of Margaret, served SA war 1899–1902.

Newton, James E, L/Cpl, West Yorks, KIA, 4th, 1917, 86 Stephenson Street.

Parker, John, Royal Field Artillery, KIA, 4th, 1917, Cross Camden Lane.

Richardson, George William, KIA, 1st, 1915, 33 West Percy Road.

Rowland, Richard, NF, KIA, 2nd, 1917, Barrasford Street, East Howdon.

Stephenson, Alexander, Pte 13th Bn NF, DOW, 2nd, 1916, Front Street, Milburn Place.

Trayhurn Dee, William, Machine Gun Corps, wounded and missing, 3rd, 1917, 15 Drummond Terrace.

Trayhurn, Wm Richard, age 19, L/Cpl 10th/14th Highland LI, 25th October, 1917, Son of George and Mary Ann.

Wallace, Henry, 10th Bn DLI, KIA, 8th, 1917, Hull – formerly of North Shields.

West, Roger, age 28, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery, KIA, 1st, 1917, 5 Coburg Terrace, son of John and Mary, 5 North King Street.

Whiteside, Thomas William Cameron, age 19, Pte South Staffs Rgt, KIA, 12th 1917, Skipsey’s Quay, Clive Street, son of Thomas and Lucy Cameron, 20 Bull Ring.

Key: KIA – killed in action; DOW – died of wounds; LAS – Lost at sea; NF – Northumberland Fusiliers; DLI – Durham Light Infantry; RND – Royal Naval Division; RNR – Royal Naval Reserve.

Anyone with information on this week’s list or who wants to find out more about the project, should visit, e-mail or write to Tynemouth World War 1 Commemoration Project, c/o Essell, 29 Howard Street, North Shields, NE30 1AR.