DEVELOPMENT: Council will have very little say

It is rare for me to defend our council, but on this matter people should know the truth.

Conservative councillors have been complaining on this page about the council’s plans to build on the area between Murton and Earsdon.

What they fail to mention is that the council has very little say in the matter because the government is forcing councils all around the country to do this.

I also oppose building on this area and I’m sure many in the council do, but it doesn’t own the land and is being pushed into making a decision.

I would urge the complainants to direct their anger at the government, or use the energy and time to help the council create something positive from a difficult position.

This area could be used to create a large green area, with parks and nature reserves buffering the new estates from existing estates. By doing this we would help protect against flooding because trees are natural flood defences. I believe this would improve the area whilst solving part of the housing problem.

I do think 3,000 houses would be too many. Sensible infrastructure is a must if this is to have a positive impact on the area as the roads in this area are already very congested.

Derek Hall

Cranborne Grove