Development not greenbelt

I REFER to the letter headed ‘Will the council continue to reject planning appeals’ (News Guardian, October 27), and in particular the support of the mayor’s statement ‘the strategy will not see houses on the greenbelt’.

Firstly, the development of 200 houses at the rear of North Ridge is not on greenbelt land.

I attended the planning committee meeting when it was decided to refuse permission for this development.

It should be noted that had it not been for the Labour group at the meeting, the development may well have been approved as the Conservative group spoke in support of the development.

Meanwhile the council has approved the construction of a dwelling opposite my home.

The property is most definitely within the greenbelt so flies in the face of the promises and was supported by Conservative members on the planning committee.

And on this occasion Labour members cannot be afforded any credit as they abstained from the vote.