Differentials in pay structure on location is stupid

THE idea that there should be differentials in the pay structure of the public sector workers according to where in Britain they live is sheer stupidity.

At present, in the health service, we do not have sufficient trained personnel and must rely on doctors and nurses coming from abroad.

Should the incomes in the south be greater, then it is obvious that north/south divide will increase as workers would opt to work in the south.

To suggest that the directors and top management should keep equal pay to prevent an exodus south is laughable.

That proportion of staff is minuscule compared to all teachers, civil servants and council staff.

The result of such policies would be a massive loss of incentive in the north.

The loss of self worth would spread through half the nation with definitely ‘no equality of opportunity’ and certainly we would not ‘all be in it together’.

1978 legislation promised more equality, equal pay for equal work for male and female and equality of opportunity.

At that time, most of the full-time, well paid manufacturing jobs disappeared to be placed by shorter hours, lower hourly rated employment, with the resultant greater divide in incomes north v south.

In the meantime anyone who has a responsible position is expected to work longer hours with a later retirement date.


Whitley Bay