Dinner to help raise money

Members of Wallsend Boys Club at the dinner.
Members of Wallsend Boys Club at the dinner.

Young and old came together to celebrate the achievements of one of North Tyneside’s most famous boys clubs.

Wallsend Boys Club, founded in 1904 by managers at Swan Hunter shipyard, held a dinner at the Gosforth Marriott in Newcastle which saw ex-players Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce in attendance.

The event was to help raise funds for the club’s facilities at Biggs Main and continue their work developing young players, with the club producing more than 65 international players in its history.

Also in attendance were officials of the Fifth and First Fusiliers reserve battalions, as part of the club’s four year affiliation with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Club chairman Steve Dale said: “It was a big night, the club has real heart. It’s wonderful that former players, who are now hugely successful, remember their roots and come back to support us.”

“In the last four years we’ve been affiliated with the Fusiliers. We count that as something very special too.”

Colour Sergeant Ronnie Collins, a member of the club and a Fifth Fusilier, said: “I’m really proud I’m the link between two fantastic north eastern organisations, whom have each taken people from the north east and propelled them to huge success.”