Disappointed by the closures

I recently had visitors staying with me and to make the most of the recent sunny Sunday weather, we went for a walk along the coast to Tynemouth.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast in one of the many coffee shops before pottering around the village which was positively bustling.

On our walk back to Whitley Bay we noted that each and every coffee shop we passed was full.

Not wanting to go home we thought we’d end our morning with a coffee in Whitley Bay and do our bit to support local businesses in our home town.

Unfortunately, after our long walk, one of my older relatives couldn’t quite make it along to the Rendezvous Café, so we looked for somewhere closer to home in the town centre or promenade area.

How disappointed we were to find Park View empty and many of its shops closed. The lack of choice around the promenade also contributed to a disappointing end to our walk.

If only there was a wider choice of family-friendly eateries in Whitley Bay, open to attract visitors in the same way that the ones in Tynemouth do.

We miss the Barnacle that once occupied a great little spot on the lower promenade.

Every time I visit Tynemouth I am amazed at how busy it is and how many people are visiting.

If only Whitley Bay had a similar offering, it too could attract some more of these visitors enabling it to become the thriving seaside town it has the potential to be.

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