Disgust at the doggy deposits

Poo. A foul word that is not a pleasure to hear.

However, while recently walking to school, I was disgusted to be able to count the ridiculously immodest amount of excretion coming from our innocent dogs amounted to the grand sum of 11. I also find this a particular issue as it is not only located near a middle school, but a local nursery.

The public are disgusted by the amount of doggy deposits in our area In my opinion, one of the most important points in this topic, is that it is not the dogs’ fault, dogs are just like us and they must release their waste from time to time.

It is the owners’ responsibility to pick up the excretion from the pavement and dispose of it in a local specialised bin. It’s not a pleasent action, but needs to be done.

Overall, poo is a major issue in our area from up Wilton Drive towards South Wellfield First School. A single stencil has been printed on our pavement, on Ludlow Drive, in a place that is not overtaken with dirt and will not be taken notice of. It is in entirely the wrong place and more work on the matter is desperately needed.

Eleanor Tait

West Monkseaton