Disgusted with the 50 per cent rise

Having read Richard Rainbow’s comments regarding the 50 per cent increase in parking fees at the Rendezvous Cafe car park (News Guardian, April 2), I would also like to complain about this unreal level of increase.

We ourselves park in the car park two or three times per week whilst visiting the cafe, and could not believe it when the charge had increased by 50 per cent overnight.

There had been no notice of intent to let people know of the increase.

We are pensioners and are looking at a little over two per cent increase in our state pension. How can the council come up with this huge increase?

The council spokesman in reply to Mr Rainbow said that the charge would help to make the seafront a more vibrant and popular area and encourage a steady turnover of people.

We disagree with this as increases like this will deter people from parking in car parks and encourage parking at residents’ front doors.

There appears to be enough enforcement officers, as there were three officers and one enforcement van in this small car park last week.

I am disgusted with this increase and it is not value for money.

Peter Williams