Dishing out the crockery

A borough charity is undertaking a four-week programme to deliver more than 12,000 items of crockery to families across North Tyneside.

Whitley Bay-based umbrella charity Angels of the North has joined up with the BAY Foodbank to distribute mugs, cups, saucers, plates and bowls with their increasing food parcel deliveries to homes in the area.

The charity’s honorary chief executive officer, Barbara Connors-Fowler, said: “We are delighted to have a generous source of thousands of pounds worth of free goods from benefactors located throughout the country.

“The crockery that we are currently distributing is of top quality and recipients in North Tyneside are very pleased to be given it.”

Rev Alan Dickinson, of The BAY Foodbank, added: “Thanks to the Angels of the North in providing us with crockery we now have the potential to distribute even more items to families and agencies in the area.”