Dismay as MP’s example is not one of inequality

WITH reference to the printed comments of Mary Glindon, MP (News Guardian, February 7), in relation to one of her justifications for voting against same sex marriages, it is with considerable dismay that she feels an inequality could be brought in by a law seeking nothing but equality.

Her example that a registrar who has personal beliefs that meant they did not feel able to marry a same sex couple could lead to the registrar being sacked, is not an example of inequality.

Such a registrar is free to seek other employment that would not bring conflict with their personal beliefs.

We should strive to live in a society that promotes tolerance of others.

Personal beliefs are exactly that – things we hold dear in our personal life.

When we work, we will no doubt come in to contact with people who hold different beliefs. In something as social as work, personal beliefs must be put on hold.

Otherwise, we return to the days when ‘No Blacks, Irish or DHSS’ signs are common once more in the private rented market by landlords who will only rent to rich, white tenants, and Rosa Parks would have to sit at the back of the bus once more.


Whitley Bay