Disposing of recycle items with waste defeats policy

I RECENTLY got in touch with the Envirolink department at North Tyneside Council to request an additional grey recycling bin, only to be told I will have to pay £25 for the extra bin.

I could understand having to pay for an additional green bin, but this seems simply ridiculous when we are being asked to reduce the amounts going into landfill.

Instead I will be disposing of the ten bags of recycling which will not fit into the recycling bin alongside my normal household waste.

Surely this defeats the recycling policy?

Furthermore, why do we bother to have these silly grey caddies which we are supposed to put our glass etc into for recycling?

If they will not fit into the bin snuggly on recycling day and you place the supplied box on the floor, the recycling men simply leave it even if barely full.

Yet when the caddy is ‘correctly’ placed inside the bin, the lads put the contents in the back of the wagon alongside the rest of the recycling.

Confused and frustrated? I am.


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