Disregard for small businesses

North Tyneside Council claim ‘an increase in parking charges along our coastline to £1.20 an hour is extremely competitive’.

This is yet another example of NTC having no regard for small business. If council officers had to earn their wages in a competitive market, their decisions would be different, instead they are paid, via our taxes, regardless of market conditions. Their decisions show complete disregard for small business along our coastline.

Here’s a competitive idea, which will guarantee more visitors, encourage a steady turnover of people coming in to the area and help keep our coastal economy buoyant.

Adopt Northumberland County Council’s two-hour free-parking disc system, then charge a set fee of £4 per day, for everyone who wants to spend longer at the beach.

On top of this, improve the eyesore you have created along Whitley Bay sea front, and use your heavy-handed, army of parking officers to maintain the car parks. Residents want parking control to enforce against reckless, dangerous parking, not target people three inches over their bay, or simply five minutes over their ticket time!

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