Do not tar us with the same brush

With reference to Rosaleen Evans regarding dog mess (News Guardian, March 6).

I walk along Tynemouth Long Sands beach every morning from Monday to Friday in all weathers and I have yet to have seen the beach in such a condition that a child would be literally covered in dog faeces if they fell in the sand whilst playing.

I can, however, agree on one point as I also have to look down whilst walking, but it is not to avoid dog mess, but human mess – broken bottles, tins, leftover take aways, used baby nappies, underwear, used condoms and plastic bags.

I have even come across used needles and other items that people can’t be bothered to put in the rubbish bin, which I would like to point out to the council there are no bins along the full stretch of the beach.

If the correspondent wants to keep dogs to their designated area all year round then perhaps we should ban people from using the dog designated area, which would then enable dog owners to have a leisurely walk in the summer instead of having to dodge children, sandcastles deckchairs rubbish etc. Equal equality for all.

I can, however, see where Rosaleen is coming from, but our dogs love the beach and use it in all weathers, so why should they be penalised because some owners do not clean up after their animals?

These are the minority as myself and others who walk the beach are not averse to informing others who have missed seeing their dogs poo, they thank us and clean it up, we also pick up other dog mess we see.

So please do not tar all of us with the same brush.

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