Do we want one big car park?

I FEEL I have to respond to the recent hyperbole in your letters page in relation to car parking in Tynemouth.

I will ask one question to those that feel the only way to improve our local environment is more parking.

Do we want to turn the village centre and its surrounding streets into a car park?

From what I have seen over the last two years, rather than businesses closing, Tynemouth has become a thriving village.

In fact, most businesses that have closed have been refurbished and reopened fairly quickly.

I feel it is not anachronistic but axiomatic that we should be discouraging car journeys and encouraging the use of the excellent public transport links to Tynemouth Village.

Surely it is ‘foot fall’ we should be looking to increase to improve the use of the local shops and eateries.

I also feel for those that live locally, and have their health; they should leave their cars at home and take a walk into the village.

They may take more notice of how the use of the motor car detracts from the enjoyment of the local environment.

Finally, I feel the recent refurbishment did not go far enough.

I agree there is a need for the business community to have access to their shops and buses and taxis also require access.

Other than this North Tyneside Council should have been more progressive and radical in their transport policy and made Front Street, Tynemouth, a no go area for all other motor vehicles.