Doctors are app-y to use latest tool

SOMETHING new is ‘app-ening’ among GPs thanks to an innovative tool from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

The trust has launched a new app to help GPs access real time information about its many clinics, consultants and specialist services.

The iPhone app, believed to be the first of its kind in the NHS, has been downloaded more than 250 times, giving immediate, up-to-date information at GPs’ fingertips and direct contact details for clinicians.

Dr Jane Lothian, clinical director at the trust, said: “The app really is a fantastic tool and means we can very quickly find the right specialists to talk to and have a direct dialogue to agree the appropriate care.

“GPs see hundreds of patients every week and anything that makes it quicker and easier for us to make a referral to the right specialist is welcome indeed.”

The app – called ‘Clinical Information Xchange or CiiX’ – can be downloaded from the App store.

It is also available online at

Ann Wright, director of operations at the trust, said: “Working closely with GPs to make care as seamless as possible for our patients is an important priority.

“Our new app is very simple to use and means GPs can quickly find their way around our services.

“Providing direct contact details for consultants and their areas of speciality means GPs can quickly agree the best pathway of care for patients and build relationships with hospital colleagues.

“The app is free and easy to use and we hope it will empower GPs to make truly informed decisions on which services and clinics they are referring patients into.

“It also gives GPs all the necessary paperwork and referral forms at the touch of a button.”