Does anyone recognise faces?

MY name is Ada Athey (nee Brunton) and I am 73-years-old and was born in the UK.

I did all my schooling in Whitley Bay and lived in the town’s Nater Street.

My husband and my three children emigrated to Australia when I was 30, but I still have two brothers who still live in the area and who keep in touch regularly.

Recently one of my brothers, Len, said he had a strange experience when he went for his morning paper to the newsagent in North Shields, where he got talking to the man who served him.

During the conversation my brother asked where the man lived and he said Whitley Bay.

Len told him he used to live in Nater Street, to which the man, Ian Tokell, said he knew a girl who lived in Nater Street, Ada Brunton, and she was in his class at school.

My brother was amazed and told Ian that he was Ada’s brother Lenny.

So all this story was related to me over the telephone and I was quite blown away that someone would remember me after 58 years.

Later that day I decided to look out some old school photos, and yes, there was Ian (sixth from the left in the middle row). I am in on the extreme right of the back row.

Of course I then spent the rest of the day trying to remember all my classmates’ names, without a lot of success.

The teacher was Mr Royston, but I am hoping other readers can help me out.

These are the ones I can remember, only a few, are: Benitta Tokell, Cynthia, Hazel Rae, Ruby, Shirley Young and Winifred Roberts.

I am 73-years-old and my memory is not that good now, also I have lived and known so many people throughout that time.

But I am sure if I heard a name I could put the face to it.