Dog owners letting animals mess anywhere that they like

I WRITE in response to ‘Clean up dog mess after you’ (News Guardian, February 23)

I too have the same problem of irresponsible dog owners, or should that be lazy dog owners who walk their animals up and down my street and the surrounding streets.

They let their dogs mess anywhere they like but more often than not outside my garden gate where my six-year-old son will often not see it before it’s too late and ride through it.

II have to clean this filth off my son’s bike – do you know how disgusting that is to do?

Then there’s the other lazy dog owners, the ones that put the dog mess in a poo bag and then just throw it into anyone’s garden that they just happen to be passing.

Come on North Tyneside Council, listen to our concerns and please get wardens on our streets, that’s if we still have them.


North Shields