DOGS: Agree we all have rights to beach

I must respond to the latest in an ongoing attack on dogs and their owners.

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 10:55 am
Whitley Bay beach.

The latest demand is that dogs, and presumably their owners, must be restricted to ‘control zones’.

Presumably, a fenced in field somewhere out of sight.

I take great exception to the inflammatory statements such as “40 to 50 dogs running wild” (News Guardian, March 24).

As a dog owner I know that the vast majority of owners have their dogs under close control all of the time and running wild is simply wrong.

Dogs are already severely restricted in the summer months, leaving small areas of beach rarely used by other beach visitors at any time of year, even though other large portions of the beaches are frequently deserted.

If you take this writer’s demands seriously, the next step is to ban dogs from fields where a child might decide to play or walk through, and we would be obliged to cross the road if we see a child approaching. This is, simply based on their statement that “children come first”.

It seems dogs are to be blamed for everything, perhaps including the rubbish, broken glass, fast food packaging and much more, which I would place squarely on the shoulders of children, parents, and even grandparents.

What is needed is a balanced view and an agreement that we all have rights.

Finally, you may wish to ask the owners of the various costal cafés who benefit greatly from the business generated in the winter months from the only people you find on the beaches – dog owners.

Alan Farnworth

Whitley Bay