DOGS: Benefits are endless

In response to the letter '˜Take strong action now' (News Guardian, June 28), I hardly think that the majority of people's lives who don't own a dog is declining due to the people who do own dogs.

Monday, 30th July 2018, 7:18 am

Closing parks early and not re-opening until 8am is ridiculous.

If you go the park or beach at 6am the only people you will see are dog walkers. In the winter, the only people who occupy the beach are the all-weather dog walkers.

There are plenty of beaches to take the grandchildren with dog bans in place. Perhaps the writer is not aware that Cullercoats, King Edward’s Bay, a section of Tynemouth Longsands and Whitley Bay beach have bans or sectioned areas.

I have owned a dog for 11 years and have always had dogs in our family. They are the best friend you can have, they are so loyal and provide good company. They help you meet people and make friends.

My dog helped me enormously after three operations for major spinal surgery and I probably wouldn’t be walking today if it wasn’t for him.

There are endless benefits to owning a dog. Give them a break. All your paper seems to do is report complaints.

I walk two to three times per day in various areas throughout the region and I can honestly say it is very rare to see dog fouling.

In fact, the problem I see is dog bins overflowing with poo bags.

Sharyn Downie

North Shields