DOGS: Beware of pet thieves

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I am writing to draw the attention of all local dog owners to the ongoing spate of dog thefts.

Dog thefts have been occurring over the last couple of months. In some cases dogs have been snatched from gardens, parks, outside shops, and even from local beaches. In other instances dogs have been snatched in the street.

The results are, of course, heartbreaking.

Social media has reports of dog snatching and police are aware of the thefts. However, unless the victims of such crimes actually report the thefts, the police’s hands are tied and they can not compile information or start criminal investigations.

I would urge all dog owners to be extremely vigilant at all times, to never leave their dogs unattended, whether outside shops or in their own front gardens, and if their dog is stolen to report the crime to the police.

Too much distress has already resulted from the actions of these callous and opportunist criminals. Let’s all hit back and make their life harder by looking out for our beloved dogs at all times.

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