DOGS: Cemeteries should have new rules

I am writing to you with deep concern over dog walking activities in Whitley Bay Cemetery, which I witness on a regular basis.

I believe dog owners should be made to keep their animals on a short lead within the cemetery, which is no way inconsiderate.

However, the original by-laws need to be updated in view of the current trend of walking dogs on extending leads.

The problem is that a large amount of dogs and inconsiderate dog owners in Whitley Bay Cemetery have been causing distress and upset for a number of years.

Cemeteries and crematorium grounds are not public parks and therefore not suitable places for people to walk their dogs.

On many occasions I have seen pets on extended leads in effect roaming free, and in some cases fouling paths and even newly dug graves. This is totally unacceptable.

I believe it should not be permitted to walk dogs within a cemetery solely to exercise them. Dogs should be kept under proper control at all times and must always be kept on a short lead, and they should not be permitted on lairs or any other grassed areas within a cemetery.

They should also be kept out of sight and earshot of funeral services.

It’s about respect.

Pauleen McNestrie

Address supplied