DOGS: Children's safety is now under threat

The problem with dog owners is they think everyone is an animal lover. I do not like dogs, or some of their owners.

Friday, 8th April 2016, 10:55 am
Whitley Bay beach.

If you observe early morning dog walkers opposite Waves leisure centre, the amount of excrement deposited is tremendous.

Admittedly most do pick it up, but try flying a kite down there and look at what’s left. If you didn’t have brown shoes when you left the house you have them when you get back.

People think they have a right to let their pets run berserk, even on the end of a long lead, jumping up at people, damaging and dirtying clothing.

How many dog owners let their dogs foul and urinate on the beach (covering it with sand) so some young child gets their hands covered in excrement, with the possible addition of serious disease and infections?

I haven’t seen children running up to adults jumping up at them, urinating or fouling on the sand.

Dogs get excited running around with other dogs. How many children and adults have been injured, disfigured and even killed by animals not under control?

Beaches are maintained by and for the use of people. Not for wayward pet owners. Keep dogs off the beach, keep children safe.

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